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November 13, 2009

Hail Hail!

We have moved our blog to our own hosted site.

You can now find us at: blog.carlukeshamrock.com

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Let’s take a wee break…

October 28, 2009

Now by no means go into denial. Let’s not completely ignore just how pathetically bad we are at the moment – one of our lowest levels of performance and entertainment in a LONG time. Unlike other supporters, we have high standards and refuse to ignore it when they’re not being met. However, let’s give ourselves a little temporary pick-me-up by distracting ourselves from the painful present…

Back up top

It wasn’t a Barca-Madrid game, but hey we managed to get through 2-1 against Hamilton and we’re now back on top of the league by one clear point.

Strachan – please come shopping with your loyalty card

Fans bemoaning the current performance and skill levels of many of our current squad will have been delighted to see that Gordon Strachan is back in the game down south. Known for his tactic of going back and bringing his favourites with him to pastures new, there might just be some hopeful exits come January!

Racing away

Thanks again to the members and friends that turned up for our recent club Race Night. Over £500 was raised for the club’s coffers – a welcome income that helps enormously with putting things on for the members and keeping the club in good health.

The bookie’s favourites were Kevin McAuley (who swore he had a system of looking at the remaining ticket piles before placing his bets), Paul Haverstock (who placed his money on any horse with a remotely sounding butcher title); and Jim Creaney (who backed No.8 every race but then decided to stay at the bar during the race the horse won).

Bookie’s curses were Colin ‘lucky chicken’ Gardner, Stephen ‘hot under the collar’ Connelly, Davie ‘I’ll bet after another fag’ Mooney, and some hustlers from Lanark who popped down on the premise of “just seeing how it all worked for our own night” and then proceeded to win in every race!

Thanks to Michael, John & Peter for organising the night; to all those that bought horses, trainers & jockeys; to Paul for supplying the food; to Phil the Tote Manager; to Peter and Richard the bookie cashiers; to Jim, Ian & Joanna behind the bar; John for supplying the sports quiz; and Brian for compering the quiz. Well done all.

Cup distraction

It’s the Jambos at home tonight of course, and the Carluke Shamrock bus will be leaving at 6pm from The Crown Inn.

Predictor changes

There has been some jumping around on the Predictor League with Vincenzo, Pedro, liverpoolcelt and Cygnet holding out up top in the 30-points range.

And finally….

One thing certain to keep a Tic fan distracted and happy, is the sight of our dearest friends on the wrong side of the river mired in the most shambolic financial mess they’ve ever had the joy to experience. Suddenly thousands of bluenoses that were strangely absent at several share rights issues, have appeared again to point the finger and shout (in typical perma-rage style) at the banks, at Murray, at the media (that’s a laugh with the blatant protection that the Laptop Loyal have afforded that club through every Moonbeam Shambles), and at anything and anyone else that moves, other than themselves.

Here’s some nice images to keep you laughing and warm during the cold winter nights…

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I need more kids!!!

October 19, 2009

Being a new dad is an exhilarating experience that teaches you the wonders of life. However, when you’re a Celtic-supporting dad there can be some painful lessons to learn about the abrupt changes in your time and finances that mean some hard sacrifices are faced with season-ticket books and trips abroad suddenly becoming expensive luxuries that have to be cut loose. Or at least that’s how I saw things at the start of last season.

Daughter number 1 was becoming the big girl starting school and needing lifts and cash for all manners of clubs and groups. Then along pops daughter number 2 as a new-born needing more furniture and clothes than even her mother could handle! And so with white knuckles still clutching the season book and a tear rolling down the cheek, I passed on my regular visits to Paradise to another hooped soul, knowing that only limited appearances on some kind friends’ tickets and adhoc visits to pubs and houses to watch TV games, would be my only interaction with Celtic. Painful indeed.

That was then of course; since then a whole different load of pain has been experienced by Celtic supporters!

Last season was just a spine-trembling nightmare that we can still barely speak of. And now this season has started as a most turgid affair, with a huff-and-puff defeat in Ibrox and now a clueless and fruitless dance around Motherwell’s goal-mouth at home, being served up as our latest horrific spectacles. It all leaves me with one confirmed feeling: my broody wife is right – I need MORE KIDS! If only to keep me separated from the Celtic horror show for a bit longer!

And while we lurch from defeat to pathetic performance and back again, we find ourselves staring down the barrel of the gun that is Europe – with Hamburg coming to town this Thursday. For the battle-hardened souls that still have the stomach to face such an encounter, with thoughts of Heid and Hoof (aka Caldwell and McManus) still terrifying their minds, the bus from Carluke will leave at 6pm from The Crown Inn.

The good news is that if you need a stiff drink and a distraction from football after the match, our club is hosting a Race Night on the Friday night (23rd) in St.Athanasius Community Hall. All members and non-members are welcome. Doors open at 7pm with the main events kicking off at 7:30pm. Free roll’n’sausage provided to everyone attending, with lots of craic and gambling nerves unfolding no doubt! See you there.

Yours in Celtic,



Hail Hail folks!

For those members on the recent bus, you’ll have received your Members Pack, including events calendar and new club badge – all included as a benefit of being a member of course!

The new badge is proving very popular and they’re now going onsale!

club badge

club badge

Priced at only £3 each, the stunning metal green, white & gold circular badges are proving a big hit!  And you can buy yours now.  And going one better than that, you can buy them quickly and easily online with the brand new carlukeshamrock.com online payments system!

That’s right!  Backed with the power, ease-of-use and trusted security of Paypal – the world’s most respected online payments company – you can order your badge online at carlukeshamrock.com in a matter of minutes.  You can pay from your Paypal account if you have one, or easily enter the details of your debit or credit card.  Please note: all the payments are handled by Paypal and none of your card or bank details are viewed or kept by Carluke Shamrock.

It’s a first for the club and it’s an online system that we may roll out for other ventures.  Watch this space….

View the club badge order page from carlukeshamrock.com or go direct by clicking HERE.

Yours in Celtic,



Dear diary…

October 7, 2009

Dear Diary

For those that haven’t been on the bus recently, the committee have been handing out some nice Member Packages (one of the many benefits of being a member of course – see HERE about joining).  In the pack are the club’s new Club Badges – FREE to all members and available to buy online soon.  And the pack also contains a letter with an update on various events that have been scheduled for the rest of the season.  You can keep an eye on the finer details of the events as they emerge on our NEWS PAGE, but here’s the run-down to get your diaries up to date:

  • Friday 23rd October – Race Night – St.Athanasius Community Hall
  • Saturday 21st November – Dinner Dance – St.Athanasius Community Hall
  • Friday 5th February – Willie McLean Memorial Night – St.Athanasius Community Hall
  • May (date TBC) – Stephen Land Memorial Football Tournament – Milton Rovers

Take a break

We now of course have our Internationals break, so the next Tic match is a home game against Murderwell on Saturday 17th October.  It’s a 3pm kick-off with the bus leaving at 1pm from The Crown.  We’d like to give a special welcome to our recently joined new members, so if you’re going on the bus lads please make yourselves known to John Haddow.

After the Well game, things come thick and fast with Hamburg in Europe, Accies in the SPL and the Jambos in the cup, so keep an eye on our FIXTURES PAGE to keep updated.


So what’s happening in the world of our PREDICTORS LEAGUE then?  Well not much and quite a lot – all at the same time!  For the most part all the positions have remained unchanged, with the exception of two.  In mid-table The Saints has managed to get the better of Kev-CFC, and up on top the bold Vincenzo has been dethroned by President Pedro64 with a 4-point lead!

Rumours that Pedro opted for a Rangers win to grab some predictor points, remain unconfirmed at the moment.  The same rumours abound for tumshybhoy who also managed to get off the blocks with his 1st two points!

Yours in Celtic,



One sorry state…

October 6, 2009

The ref can tell me that he got it wrong in not giving us a penalty at only 1-0 down; the team sheet can point out missing players like Fox and Robson; and even the league table can still show us sitting on top.  But the fact is we’re not sitting there proudly, and we’re in one sorry state at the moment!

one sorry state

one sorry state

I’ve harked on about how last season’s abject failure – a once in a lifetime opportunity to bury our arch enemy – totally disgusted me, and how EVERY level of the club – directors, manager, players – failed the fans in the most wimpy, pathetic way possible.  But the sad fact is, our current state is simply a symptom of that cause.

Just think on how this season’s start could have been different – we win the league; go into the Champions League with all the fanfare and media attention; the TV cash piles in and we choose a better class of player; Strachan leaves on a high and heads off (at least I think he would have anyway) and easily transfers power over to the new guy that could come in and carry on the good momentum built up.  Meanwhile: the huns are in turmoil; every paper article covers their financial ruin; bankers and investors run for the hills; players are sold left, right and centre; Watty probably leaves on a downer; a mood of despondency and depression hangs around their players, fans and ground.  Oh how different things could have been.

Now that’s not actually looking at the past.  Because that’s the problem we have right now!  Everything we screwed up last year has led to this current nightmare.  That very same shambling defence has lurched on from last season to GIFT every single club in the SPL (we sit top of a league that we’re very close to having the worst goals against tally in!) with the weakest, simplest goals that you or a Kenny Miller can barely believe!  I can’t actually write any more about our centre-backs without fear of my blood pressure going dangerously high.

We have a midfield that is either a direction-less boundless energy machine, where Scott Brown at times displays the same headless-chicken activities that Tommy Gravesen was famous for, or has powder-puff wingmen showing off every school-yard trick in the book for dribbling past people but not the faintest idea for playing an incisive cross or cutting pass.  We have talent-filled showmen like McGeady and Maloney running rings round everyone and themselves, while a blatantly obvious much less talented mix of journeymen amongst Rangers and other clubs’ midfields play the direct, easy, quick, cutting final balls that actually demonstrate the words “simple” and “effective”.

And of course if we can ever cure that final cross/pass, there’s always the worry of who on earth is going to be on the end of it up front!  Tall, lanky forwards that can hold up the ball and work outside the box on their own but who couldn’t find the goal with a satnav!  Or, small deadly strikers that can smash the net from close by, but who might as well be in the dressing room when they’re asked to either play alone for a bit or help out in the team structure.

And while we have a manager that we undoubtedly need to give time to and the chance to work the clear-out we’re all hoping for in January, Mr Mowbray is still showing some very scary signs of bizzare choices and tactics that we’ve had to endure before, where we see 3 subs coming on altogether with only 8mins to go, or constantly chopping and changing partnerships game after game, while we’re assuming he would be able to assess the various groups in the safer world of the training ground.

It’s all rather worrying and it’s all building on the frustration and anger of THAT catalogue of failures by EVERYONE last season!  Our only hope, if you can call it that, is that this Rangers team is so pathetic, weakened, talentless and fading, that we’ll continue to be given the time that has seen us reach the top so far, to be there at the end of the season.  Ironically, it’s the knowledge of their undoubted weakness, the sight of an ageing 40-year-old defender mopping up our attacks, moronic midfielders running into each other and hacking anything that moves, and nedish attackers who aimlessly run about, that just makes it all the more galling and unpalatable to know that we never finished them off last season and we’re still failing to beat them team-to-team so far this season!!!

Rangers are horrendous looking just now; the “football” shown to millions on Sunday was embarrassing and laughable at times; and yet we STILL failed to win or even perform.  We’re in one sorry state just now…

Yours in Celtic,



4 points + improvement = facts

September 28, 2009

There are a few cold hard facts to wake up to at this point in the campaign, and it’s good to hear that Mr Mowbray knows and accepts both of them.



New left-back Danny Fox admitted that boss Mowbray was far from happy with Celtic’s 2-0 victory away to St.Mirren by saying, “No disrespect to St Mirren, but the manager said to us after the game that when it comes to teams like Dundee United, you are not going to play like that and come out victorious.”

It’s good to hear there is no crack-papering exercises going on in Lennoxtown after our latest victory.  The flaws have been there for all to see for quite a while, but the good news is that they’re being fully accepted and worked on.

And as that plan for much-needed improvement continues, we have some other nicer facts that can keep us motivated and up-beat as we go.  We’ve had another Roy-of-the-Rovers goal from Paddy McCourt (who again, is also making all the right noises about being “nowhere near his best”, “still seeking to improve”, “working on fitness”, aware that he’s “down the pecking order from McGeady and Maloney”); we’ve ticked off another 3 points; faltering Shaun Maloney bagged a goal to hopefully help his improvement; Mowbray’s long-tracked ZZ (China captain Zheng Zhi) has arrived and been rubber stamped; and most importantly of all with only a European break in between – Rangers’ slip-up at home has made us 4 points clear before we face them next!


With that Rapid Vienna game in mind, remember it’s an unusual 8:05pm kick-off but the bus will still be leaving The Crown at 6pm this Thursday.  See fixtures & buses page.

Predictors League

Carluke Shamrock’s predictor league is mirroring Celtic’s progress this season.  The likes of Shakey Bhoy and Tumshybhoy need massive improvement and a fitness regime; Erin Go Bragh, Cygnet and Kev-CFC are reasonably consistent in the midfield and keeping things going; while Vincenzo, Pedro & Liverpoolcelt are performing mazy runs and sticking in the goals to keep on top!

Yours in Celtic,